It is also footprint equivalent to the MicroStar Jr. BGA. The new package designator in place of the discontinued package designator will be ... F D3C ()n D3C (p) DB3()p DB3()n G GND GND H UAX(C n) UAX(C )p HPDB GND DDLCCK_B UAXB()p GND DDLCCK_A UAX(A p) J HPDC HPDA DDLCCK_C VDD DDDC TB_A UAXB()n DDDC _TCA DDDC TA_A UAX(A n) Figure 6-1. 50-Pin. . KUBARA LAMINA SA DB3-3000 Diode KKDB3-3000, February 2014 version KUBARA LAMINA SA Tel.: +48-22-398 94 09 Puławska 34 Tel.: +48-22-757 76 60 PL-05-500 Piaseczno Fax: +48-22-750 08 84 POLAND e-mail: [email protected] 4/5 CHARACTERISTICS2000 Power loss characteristics I F(AV), A.

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